Conference Logo

Our conference logo is a calligraphy created by Dr Ji Zhang, Assembly-Theologian-in-Residence for the National Assembly of the Uniting Church in Australia.

“危机 Crisis” in Chinese are made of two words “Danger and Opportunity”. The Spirit is able to break through into a crisis and calls us into a new being.

The Chinese never thinks a crisis in a completely negative way, but like the Yin-Yang philosophy, there exists a dialectic tension. The old things may have to go, even burnt away, in order for the new to emerge from the ashes. This includes our old thinking. To realise the opportunity, it takes courage to stay in the midst of danger, experience the depth of loss, yet still discern the Spirit creating a new path.

For the purpose of this liturgy conference, I have written on two sides: “脚前的灯,路上的光  A lamp unto [our] feet, a light unto [our] path”.

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