How Can We Sing the Lord’s Song?

Liturgy in Times of Global Rupture

Online Conference

11.00am-5.30pm AEDT, Tuesday 18 — Friday 20 January 2022

Can the timeless liturgies of the Church still speak gospel into the new realities of a world tearing apart at the seams? Can they gather, transfigure and send us forth to reconcile and heal a world staggering under the weight of social fracture, terror, and climate crisis, or are they serving only to numb our pain as everything is consumed by pandemic, fire and water?

People of all faiths and none intuitively respond to major trauma and transition with public rituals, gathering in vigil, lighting candles, laying flowers. But as crisis becomes the new normal, can the church, whose life has long been grounded in ritual, model a compelling liturgical lifestyle that moves us on from candlelit anger and despair into meaningful pathways of spiritual, social, and environmental revival?

This conference invites you to bring your questions, thoughts, hopes, and challenges. Whatever it is that you are keen to discuss, open times and spaces will be provided to summon others who share a passion for the topic to a focussed group conversation. Whether you plan it ahead or think of it on the day, we have a way to make it work.

Proposals for academic papers of 20 minutes duration addressing any liturgical topic are welcome. Click here to submit an abstract of 100 words for consideration by the conference committee.

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